Blake Buczkiewicz's Acting Projects

Blake is the son in the national spot for Unilock
and Blake in his first indie feature trailer for D.I.N.K.s

Unilock National and Web Spot

Frantic Films
  • Unilock

  • D.I.N.K.s theatrical trailer

    Sole Productions
  • D.I.N.K.s

  • Blake as the little brother in "Blood Ties"
    and is QTTV's "Mini Rock" in this fun little spoof

    "Blood Ties" Music Video for Jungle Rot

    Eric Richter for Victory Records
  • Jungle Rot's Blood Ties

  • QTTV for Lori Greiner

    Mr. Sunday Morning Productions
  • QTTV

  • Here Blake plays the grandson

    Oreo Commercial Spots

    Francis Polo
  • Oreo "Masterpiece"

  • Oreo "The Checker Match"

  • Blake featured as himself in one of his first projects

    iStock Video

    Burlingham Productions
  • Burlingham Reel

  • Blake plays the Little Brother

    The Platoon of Power Squadron

    Joyride Harmony Productions
  • Platoon of Power