More News About Blake Buczkiewicz


05.23.2012 Blake filmed a commercial for DuPage Medical Center and completed the print work at the same time

06.27.2012 Print work for 7th Avenue by esteemed photog Fredric Stein followed by a repeat two days later

07.15.2012 Filmed opening scenes for "Spark and Fade" a DePaul Master Thesis film

07.18.2012 On set of "Chicago Fire" that were to be featured in the Pilot, but Blake's scenes were cut

07.20.2012 Opening night of "Pirates vs. Zombies" with the wrap up on the 22nd of July

07.23.2012 Blake completed his part on the set of "The Old Man and the Lion" for Justin Leyba

08.11.2012 "Back to School" fashion show at Bayshore Town Center in Milwaukee with 3 fabulous outfits

09.15.2012 Stomped the runway for Lord and Taylor in the "School-La-La" fashion show

10.20.2012 Fun weekend of filming on the set of "I Love You, Apocalypse" as Calvin

11.01.2012 Blake enjoyed being Leo for Chaz Allen's short

11.09.2012 Filmed a teaser for "Trapped" with Ellie, Jordan and Jake

12.14.2012 Opening night for "The Princess and the Pirate" where Blake was allowed to be a Courtier


02.06.2013 Really looking forward to meeting Justin Lee Miller from Vegas' "Phantom of the Opera"

03.01.2013 Hoping to film with Jeremy Collins and Kelsey Struve on two projects this month


May 7, 2011 QTTV has received over 19,000 views on Lori Greiner's YouTube

September 9, 2011 Contagion opens nation wide and Blake was "Jon Neal's son" but it hit the editing floor

November 7, 2011 still Born was an Official Selection at the GIAA Film Festival in Manhattan

February 3, 2012 Round About American cast and crew sneak peek of the feature film

February 25, 2012 Only Thunder premiere at the Portage Theater

March 5, 2012 Jungle Rot Music Video for "Blood Ties" has over 50,000 views

July 8, 2012 Rebirth had a fun premiere downtown Chicago to a packed house

January 30, 2013 Chicago Fire will have new episodes on with Blake hopefully making into #14


We are pleased to announce that Blake is now on the imdb with his performance in the Platoon of Power Squadron.



    Blake's goal of being Tiny Tim at the Goodman in 2010 ended at the final call back. Afterwards, a thoughtful and encouraging note came:

    You brought something special to your audition, and we appreciate your interest in our work at the Goodman. Thank you again for your time, passion, and talent. You are a bright and gifted young man, and we hope to see you again.

    Sincerely, Goodman Theatre Casting Department