Video Reels for Blake Buczkiewicz

Please visit Blake's reel at Lily's Talent Agency to see his brief personal introduction.


When working with a child actor, there is a limited expectation, an understanding that they can be challenged only so far, that the moments of magic are slim and far between-

Blake is no ordinary child actor. On set and in camera he is intuitively present, in every sense of the word. His awareness of his craft, surroundings and peers makes him ageless. Strong memorization skills, energetic endurance and keen self-discipline consistently drive his performance.

It is an honor and a pleasure to have collaborated with such a talent. His vigor and mature skills are an inspiration and motivation to work above and beyond one's own deemed potential. As we watch him grow and learn, one can only wonder what great things Blake has in store for us.

Luca Valente, Va'Levante Productions